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acting as a Catalyst
for your business success 

Your Finance Team
Many small businesses already have a finance team in place. It may not be strong enough to take the business to the next level or cannot deal with the issues facing the business in the short term.

At vCatalyst we look to supplement and complement the team you have in place and bring an new strength to the organisation.
Bank Relationships
vCatalyst has relationships with many high street banks and asset finance providers. Managing these relationships can be stessful for the non financial manager.

At vCatalyst we will act as liason with these people and provide the platform and tools to the business to report and maintain these relationships.
Free Business Report
vCatalyst will spend up to a half day with you identifying the issues and opportunities that are effecting your business and how vCatalsyt can help.

There is no obligation to take our services and you can do whatever you like with the report and the action plan.

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This is how vCatalyst's can help:
Many companies are employing Finance Directors on and interim or part time basis, saving on considerable expense on the full time version. When taken on for a specific task or to consult on the future of your business vCatalyst can deliver exceptional financial skills with unparalleled commercial expertise.

We focus on the small and medium sized owner managed businesses. Our mission is to provide "always on" expertise in areas where the business limited. We know the owner manager is expected to know everything, keep up with all developments and be able to do it all as well. We also know this is a daunting if not impossible task.

At vCatalyst we provide a part time Finance Director where the charges are based on the time we spend on your business.  We provide an "Always On" commitment to be there whenever you need us. When possible our fees are success based and always agreed in advance plus there is no minimum commitment.

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